What to eat in winters to keep warm

What to eat in winters to keep warm

As winter has knocked our doors, we are thriving to stay healthy in this season. This is the favorite season of thousands of people around the globe. There is no doubt that winter brings cold and calm nights, refreshing mornings, and gloomy evenings.

Regardless, these days have scrumptious food gifts in it. Packets of dry fruits, bowls of soup, hot cups of coffee and warm malts are happiness and blessings of this season.

Winters also bring diseases. Like flu, cold, coughs, headaches, joint pain and many more. To cope with diseases we need nutritious foods in our diet. A Lot of diseases can be cured by having warm foods.

Here is the list of foods to keep yourself warm in this beautiful season.

1- Kick start with whole grains:

It is really essential to have whole grains in your breakfast. These include porridge, oatmeal, maize flour, bajra and whole wheat. These cereals help you keep warm for long hours. You can eat porridge and oatmeal by adding yogurt and milk. Sprinkle some nuts to enhance the flavor. Maize flour, bajra and whole wheat can be eaten by making chapatis.

2- Ginger tea:

Ginger is the most commonly used veggie of this season. Adding ginger tea in your routine can assist you combat many diseases. Like cough, cold and flu.
This herb increases body temperature and keeps your body warm in winters. If you are not fond of ginger tea, you can sprinkle ginger on your meals to garnish them.

3- Bananas:

This fruit is crucial for the proper functioning of adrenal and thyroid glands. These glands help in keeping your body warm. Bananas are packed with vitamin B and magnesium which can regulate your body temperature and make it warm.
You can add banana in your smoothies, shakes, poridges and puddings to make them taste greater and healthier.

4- Fish:

Fish is a great source of omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acid lowers the bad cholesterol level and improves blood circulation in your body. Increased blood circulation higher your body temperature. As a result, your body feels warm.
It is also great for your bones health as it has vitamin D content. Which aids your bones to absorb calcium.

5- Honey:

As we all know, honey is hot in nature. Consuming hot in-nature foods are recommended in winters. You can add this scrumptious delight to your diet. Smoothies, shakes, desserts, ginger tea, juices, pancakes, cereals and salads can be presented with honey. In other words, you should use honey in place of sugar in winters. It keeps you at bay from cough, cold and flu. It also strengthens your immune system.

6- Eggs:

Eggs are a great source of protein , vitamins, and minerals. Eggs produce heat in your body. Adding egg in your daily diet in winter will benefit you with keeping your body warm. It can be used in breakfast in the form of boiled egg, scrambled egg, cheese omelet and simple omelet. You can add this in your soups as well. Cakes, brownies and muffins already have this nutritious ingredient in it. It is widely consumed in cold areas to keep the body warm.

7- Nuts and seeds:

Nuts or you can call dry fruits and seeds should be a norm in the winter season. They help to keep your body warm in this freezing weather. Simultaneously, it plays a crucial role in exposing your body to vitamins, minerals and healthy fatty acids. Omega-3-fatty acid is an essential content in dry fruits and seeds.
Namely, walnuts, peanuts, dry apricots, groundnuts, cashew, raisins, pistachio are great sources of vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber and omega-3-fatty acid. Pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, flax seeds and sesame seeds are also good choices for winters.
You can add these in your smoothies, cereals, shakes and puddings. You can munch on them as a snack at any time of the day.

8- Root veggies:

Turnips, sweet potatoes, beetroot and carrots are some of the names entitled as root vegetables. These vegetables aid your body in keeping it warm. They are rich in vitamin C and A, potassium, calcium, sodium and fiber. Consuming these veggies in your meals keeps your body far away from many diseases. LIkewise, cancer, heart disease. They make immunity strong and support your bone health as well.

9- Soups:

Soups are a great source to keep your body warm in the winter season. They not only keep you hydrated but also are low in calories. People having a dieting schedule can also sip them on. They are packed with nutritious elements that make your body healthy and save you from diseases.
Chicken corn soup, Chicken noodle soup, Simple chicken soup and vegetable soup are common examples of this blissful hot bowl.

10- Coffee and Tea:

Coffee and tea are very familiar to us in our daily routine. Everytime we feel tired and exhausted we crave for a mug of coffee and tea. Caffeine is the superstar in these beverages that keep us energized for long hours.
Caffeine produces heat in our bodies. So it is not recommended to use it frequently in summer. Weather, drinking coffee and tea in winter makes your body warm.

Winter is the season of cold winds and freezing temperatures. However, if we keep a healthy choice of eating in this cold weather. We become less prone to diseases. By having these nutritious and yummy foods in our diet, we become healthy and active on cold and snowy days of the year.

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