Home Remedies TO Relieve Eye Strain

Home Remedies TO Relieve Eye Strain

As you know, we are spending our life in this busy era of screens. It has become quite impossible for us to avoid screens in our daily life. Office work, school; college and university assignments, presentations and our energy diminishing, social media excessive use causing us to face eye straining conditions. 

The term eye strain comprises different symptoms a human eye can experience during the use of a computer screen. These signs may vary from person to person ,it may include dryness, itchiness of eye, watery eyes, difficulty in focusing, blurred vision, burning sensation and headaches are common  complaints that have been reported regarding eye strain.

However, this issue can be solved with some useful tactics.

Here are some important home remedies entitled below to make your eyes feel comfortable and less weary.

  • Blink more and more
  • Cold water splashing
  • Sun warmth
  • Usage of tear drops
  • Follow 20- 20- 20 rule
  • Wearing the right glasses
  • Eye exercising
  • Adding humidity to environment

1. Blink more and more:

During excessive use of screens we forget to blink more often. This may also hinder our ability to blink at normal frequency. So it is really important to try to blink our eyes more frequently to avoid the possibly causing dry eye condition. Blinking makes our eyes moist and provide the required amount of oxygen to our eyes.

2. Cold water splashing:

A single splash of cold water will give you immense comfort in eye straining conditions.  Washing your eyes with lots of cold water helps you to release tension in your eyes. It relaxes your eye muscles at the moment of discomfort. You can also rub an ice cube around your eyes to give them moisture sensation. This remedy instantly aids in dry eye condition.

3. Sun warmth:

Sun exposure is very important for our body, simultaneously it is very crucial for our eyes as well .I am not talking about directly making contact with sunlight but to give warmth to your eyes. 

For this purpose, you need to close your eyes and stand in sunlight and let your eyelids absorb sunlight. Your retina needs sunlight, it assists in releasing dopamine which develops healthy eyes.

4. Usage of tear drops:

There are many artificial tear drops available in the pharmacies that can help in dry eye symptoms. You can use them regularly to keep your eyes  lubricated and avoid any mishap of dry eye. But consulting your ophthalmologist is really very important in this regard.

These eye drops are specifically formulated to treat dry eye problems. You should not use these drops that have preservatives more than 4 times a day.

5. Follow 20-20-20 rule:

This is an undeniable fact that we cannot leave the use of the screen for days. In this regard, we need to apply the 20-20-20 rule in our daily routine. This means that you should use the screen for 20 minutes and then look something far at a 20 feet distance for 20 seconds. This practice will tremendously give comfort to your tiring eyes.

6. Wearing the right glasses:

Choosing the right glasses for your eyes also helps in refraining from dry eye .These glasses are available in the market, you can get info about these glasses from your doctor and use them in your screen time activity. They are especially coated to hinder harmful rays of LED screens. You can also use them for reading and any sort of activity that requires concentration of your eyes.

 7.  Eye exercising:

Workout is very important for our overall body. To keep our muscles and bones functioning well,   we opt for exercise in our daily schedules. Similarly, our eyes also need some exercise to keep them healthy for Years .Consequently, you can move your eyeballs in circular motion with closed lids.

You may do another exercise during breaks from your work, which will increase blood circulation in your eyes. That is, rub your palms together to make them warm and  place them on your closed eyes. This in result, relaxes your eye muscles and thereby releases strain in your eyes. Repeating this exercise 4 to 5 times a day can relieve tiring eye conditions.

8. Adding humidity to environment:

Sitting in a dry atmosphere can cause dryness in your eyes. It is really necessary to add moisture to your environment.

You can use a humidifier for this purpose.

Air conditioners can also be helpful but stop the direct exposure of air to your eyes as it can cause drying conditions.

If you are smoking, you need to quit this as it can create problems for your eyes.

Place your chair somewhere at your workplace where direct air contact is impossible to be made.


The above mentioned home remedies can assist you in your tiring and straining eye days and can give you relief in dry eye condition. BUT for proper care of your eye, you necessarily visit an ophthalmologist to get the right medical help for your eyes.

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